Once Upon a Time

The client

From January 2021 - until today - Once upon a Time SA, a recently founded communication agency in the heart of Mendrisio

The Job

Design/coding of the agency website. Branding, definition of visual identity.

The tools

Since January 2021, I’m being entrusted with the direction of the design team  (up to  3  elements), in tight collaboration with the IT squad.

Among my main tasks: branding and identity definition, UX design, web design, social content production, video editing / animation, and mainly, the creation of Once Upon a Time website.

Home (desktop)
Home (mobile)

Based on WordPress, hosted and served through AWS first and WPEngine then. For staging, I worked with the rest of the team (IT and Design) on Linux and Windows-operated virtual machines and GitHub.

The website narrative is shaped around the dualism between Values (in its most traditional and identitarian declination at times) and Technology (from IT to digital marketing) with images, shapes and colors.

A very simple color palette (purpureal red C7636, full black, white and a few different shades of grey) frames a structure brought alive by coded animations designed with After Effects.

“Why choose us?”(desktop)
“Why choose us?”(mobile)

Motion design is widely used to guide users through text, imagery and call-to-actions.

JSON (designed in After Effects and export with Bodymovin) or even simple CSS animated elements are created and customized to make each pages’ experience unique.

Branding services (desktop)
“Branding services”(mobile)

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