The client

2020 - Casasalubre
Hempcrete building and renovation

The Job

Website design and development

The tools – Fresh design and first website for this recently born start-up. As the client needed a website ASAP, with corporate visual identity yet to be defined, a lot of the basic setting for future layouts will rely on this first work.

Homepage first section

Following a split complementary color scheme, I based the chromatic identity of the website on two variants of the “Hemp” and “Greenery” pantones. They respresent the different stages of hemp processing, from fresh green to dry hay-gold. “Golden hemp” for headings, “greenery-olive” for links and specific highlights.

Color palette studio displayed with the Adobe Color Wheel

The result, which complied with the client expectations, is an elegant one-page scroll container, wich alternates broad white spaces with illustrations to full-size macro photos. The textual content mirrors these two phases, switching from content on services/practial applications to a focus on quality and deatil of the materials.

Homepage section

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