Lapis Finance

The client

2022 - An emerging Swiss asset management company from Lugano.

The Job

Design/coding a dynamic website with financial data to be automatically updated daily.

The tools

From 2021 to 2022, I had been responible for this major project from Riem’s Agency in Lugano.¬†

The issue: an Asset Management Agency wanting an inspiring, easy to use website might clash with the reality of a complicated wall of data that can be very tedious to read.

The plan: starting  from a wide-ranging creative concept that can uplift the UX through stunning nature videos and easy to consult/interact content.

Screenshot of animated Home screen 1
Mobile Home screen 2
Mobile Home screen 3
Screenshot of animated Home screen 4

The mash-up of all the nature, wide-open landscapes videos frames and defines a consistent emotional mosaic thoughout all levels of navigation, bringing a full immersive experience to the audience.

Markets Update with live Crypto fluctuations
Mobile Products section

Planned to bring out complex excel-based tables and charts, the heart of this WordPress site is a sofisticated yet extremely simple, modified plugin. Said plugin elaborates and extracts data from unrefined excels the editors/admins are able to easily upload themselves. No extra steps needed, just a little bit of attention paid to renaming the files a certain way, so that is made possible for the plugin to read and broadcast all texts and numbers properly.

Detailed index page with live data extracted from xls files
Mobile Index page

Finally, an easy to use chat, tips and widgets are the contour shaping an ever changing union of the data and the beautiful landscapes under it.

Mobile chat

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