Red Cross - Uggiate-Trevano

The client

2018 - Local Red Cross Committee of Uggiate-Trevano, an important and historic Red Cross headquarters in Northern Italy.

The Job

Complete website redesign and restyling

The tools

Being asked by my local Red Cross Commitee, which I also volounteer fro as a qualified First Aid rescuer, I could not refuse.

Along with the marketing departement we brought home an all-new, fresh and intuitive website for Croce Rossa di Uggiate-Trevano, departing from a former very outdated software in use.

Together with a clean look, the main goals of this re-do could have been defined by two words: communication and service.

The whole association was in desperate need of an easy-to-use website to put out and archive all the news and events. I designed the CMS so editors with a very basic computer knowledge can surf the backend and create/modify content with no fuss.

The “Service” part of the mission was to provide a simple and functional personal area in which to store all the information or documents volunteers and employes would have been in need on a weekly basis. Every end user has been provided an account that allows them to access specific content for insiders.

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