Albiolo Today

The client

2020 - Albiolo Today
Local news blog

The Job

Creating videos about natural/historical attractions and sights

The tools

Collaborating with the team behind this fun project has been giving me the opportunity to dive a bit more into video editing and to dedicate time to work on something environmental-friendly and informative.
Shooting in nature with a Mavic Mini Drone, discovering new sights and places of historic value has been a great creative boost to me to come up with the ideal format for Facebook and Instagram (
The process is simple: together with the team I find out the most suitable spot weather/timing-wise, I show up at location with an associate, we shoot for an hour tops, I come back to my studio and edit the new “episode”.
Mavic Mini Drone + Premiere + a bit of After Effects
Mavic Mini Drone + Premiere + a bit of After Effects

For a small reality such as Albiolo Today, the feedback has been quite satisfying: the numbers, especially on Instagram have been going up steadily, talking new followers, reach and actions taken on each post. We’ve been also contacted by major newspaper and blogs, huge online presences in the Province of Como scene (the wider area of influence of Albiolo Today) and asked to share the format with them.

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