Coca-cola . euro 2012

The client

2012 - Coca-Cola sponsoring the Euro 2012 Cup (Football). Campaign based on the notes of "Let's get crazy" by Gogol Bordello.

The Job

Coding and animation (AcrionScript 3) of web banner (Youtube Masthead)
Art direction and production.

The tools

Art direction, animation, some illustration (original design from “The Coca-Cola Company”).
Based on a soundtrack from the gipsy-folk band Gogol Bordello “Let’s get crazy!”, this ad campaign left me quite free to create my own visuals and layouts.

Extremely eye-catching, rich and colourful, breaking through a fake youtube skin, the animation explodes in front of the user, leading them through an engaging, interactive path (video and game) to the call-to-action in the end.

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