Farmacie Sant'Agata

The client

2018-2019 - Sant'Agata Pharmacies, social branding and below-the-line print advertisement

The Job

Concept and production of social media content, design and printing management of promotional material

The tools


Social media management of pages/profiles,
planning coordinated strategies and producing images/videos to post.

Thanks to Farmacie Sant’Agata, I’ve expanded my vision and improved my skills for an optimal approach to social media campaigns and daily posting.

Together with an associate social media content creator and copy writer, I had complete control over the entire process:

from shooting/collecting/selecting pics and videos to planning/delivering the final content.

Video production too has been a pivotal element to our social communication.

Using mostly improvised gear, due to budget restrictions (e.g. goPro with no stabilizer), we managed to pull off a few original products you can check out here below.

Stop motion video – GoPro + Premiere
Cycling workshop on the road – GoPro and Mavic Mini Drone + editing with Premiere

Other than content creation, I’d been also assigned to more selective below-the-line campaigns (mostly print), reaching the retained audience with products and events promotion.

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