alessandro ledda

The client

2020 - Alessandro Ledda
Psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor

The Job

Website design and development

The tools – Alessandro Ledda asked me to set up a new functional website for his activity, which would have had the main purpose to attract new potential clients and convert them into contact him through different tools avaiable, especially a “straight-to-whatsApp” widget. 

Homepage first section

That was the briefing I was given, here a few previews of the final job. Among the  couple of precise requests I had (leading generation/engagement) I had time and space to define a structured eye-catching appearance, with little animated tweaks here and there (such as the main logo intro in homepage and the color-changing icons on mouseover, desktop version)

Bio + services in home

These icons, in particular, are custom designed and playing a pivotal role in the “horizontal” surfing path, leading to important pages with peculiar dynamics, such as “Services”: a page with a two-levels display through tabs (for main categories) and inner slideshows (showcasing the specifics of each inner list).

"Services" tabs with slideshow

As other “honourable mention”, the Download page, with a simple-structured display of all the downloadable resources. Designed as the Alessandro strictly requested, with large preview images, headings and inner page for details and categories (using the words of the client, “a scheme distantly inspired and similar to Netflix”).

Download page

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